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Plan Holder List


KC Blueprint
Kara Jennings
2106 Swift
NKC, MO 64116
Phone: 816-527-0900
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: Y
Chavez Contracting, Inc.
Rick Holmes
8826 Santa Fe Drive,
Suite 305
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Phone: 9136494426
Fax: 9136494244
GC: Y   MBE: Y    WBE: N
SIRCAL Contracting, Inc.
Geri Fick
1331 Monroe St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-893-5977
Fax: 573-893-5509
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Chavez Contracting, Inc.
Jacob Williams
8826 Santa Fe Dr.
Suite 305
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Phone: 913-649-4426
Fax: 913-492-4244
GC: Y   MBE: Y    WBE: N
3806 Buttonwood Drive
Suite 106
Columbia, Missouri 65201
Phone: 573-447-7130
Fax: 573-355-5404
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Builders' Association - Columbia Office
Theresa Rish
1907 Pennsylvania Drive
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 573-214-2470
Fax: 573-214-2472
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Builders' Association - Jefferson City
Becky Mitchell
3632 West Truman Boulevard
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: 573-893-3307
Fax: 573-893-6176
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Crawford Construction Inc.
Mark Crawford
1306 Old Hwy. 63, #F
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: 573-875-1250
Fax: 573-874-8656
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Acme Constructors
Maria Colona
7212 Weil Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63119
Phone: 314-647-1923
Fax: 314-647-1924
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Custom Welding of Columbia, LLC
Thad Lefebvre
9951 N HWY V V
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 573-819-0543
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
McAfee Construction, Inc.
Gayle Morris
4671 E Heller Rd
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: 573-474-4397
Fax: 573-474-0160
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
HLW Builders, Inc.
Rodney Latty
5276 County Road 105
Fulton, Missouri 65251
Phone: 573-642-5959
Fax: 573-642-9599
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Chillicothe Iron & Steel
Kent Peterson
330 S Mitchell Ave
Chillicothe, MO 64601
Phone: 660-646-2250
Fax: 660-646-6343
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Prost Builders, Inc.
Bill Whitlow
P. O. Box 1727
Jefferson City, Missouri 65201
Phone: 573-645-0052
Fax: 573-634-2442
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Verslues Construction Co., Inc.
Les Verslues
6919 Rocky Valley Rd.
Jefferson City , Mo. 65101
Phone: 573-395-4323
Fax: 573-395-4614
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: Y
Construction Concepts Corp.
rob moore
865 HWY 42
Osage Beach, MO 65065
Phone: 573-348-5978
Fax: 573-348-3342
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
John Thompson Fence Company
Tiffany Thebeau
158 Joel Ave
Union, MO 63084
Phone: 636-583-9485
Fax: 636-583-2367
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Stegall Fabrication & Engineering, LLC
Marla Stegall
1219 W. Outer Road - Hwy 63S
Moberly, Mo 65270
Phone: 660-263-0390
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: Y
Phone: 573-214-0738
Fax: 573-214-0758
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Glove Con Inc.
210 E. Sixth Street
Fulton, MO 65251
Phone: 573-643-6363
Fax: 573-642-6368
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
J. Louis Crum Corporation
Esther Tiffany
1312 Creasy Springs Road
Columbia, Missouri 65202
Phone: 573-443-2488
Fax: 573-443-3469
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
Five Oaks Associates, LLC
Gary E. Dorr
709 N. Allen
Centralia, Missouri  65240
Phone: 573-682-1314
Fax: 573-682-9514
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Koppel Fabrication inc
10262 Hwy 127
Sweet Springs, Mo. 65351
Phone: 660-335-4601
Fax: undefined
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: Y
Rail Masters
Darryl Yates
187 Dutton Road
Section, Alabama 35771
Phone: 256-474-4440
Fax: 800-869-0617
GC: N   MBE: N    WBE: N
J.C. Industries, Inc.
Denise Caley
PO Box 104567
3208 Route C
Jefferson City, MO 65110
Phone: 5736362711
Fax: 5736366748
GC: Y   MBE: N    WBE: N
Fulnecky Enterprises, LLC
Kristi Fulnecky
1530 E. Primrose, Suite E
Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: 417-868-8299
Fax: 417-882-7648
GC: N   MBE: Y    WBE: Y

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