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MU campus has been smoke free since July 1, 2013. Tobacco use, including e-cigarettes or vaping, is prohibited in all areas. Please advise your subcontractors and all on-site workers as this policy will be strictly enforced. This applies to everyone, no exceptions.

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The following is a list of construction projects out for bid. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Prebid Meeting Date Bid Open Date
Various Locations — Demo Bldgs at Univ Village and Univ Heights (CP181431) 7/11/2018
1:30 PM
Pre-bid Attendance 7/24/2018
1:30 PM
Critical Care Addition — Roof Replacement (CP181001) 7/17/2018
10:00 AM
1:30 PM
Patient Care Tower — 3rd Floor OR Fitout (CP150752) 7/18/2018
9:30 AM
1:30 PM

Public Private Partnership (P3) Projects

The following is a list of P3 projects.

Design/Build Proposals

The following is a list of Design/Build projects. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Mandatory
Power Plant - Process Control System Replacement (CP172521) 8/14/2018
1:30 PM
1:30 PM

JOC (Job Order Contracting) Projects

The following is a list of projects being made available through Brown and Root.

Project Name (Number)
MUHC Renovate Dish Room, Rm GE34 (CP172721)
University Physicians Medical Building, Reroof (CP181591)
MOI Renovate Call Center, Rms 204-208 (CP181651)

If you are interested in the project, please contact John Melton with Brown and Root at

Construction Manager at Risk

The following is a list of Construction Manager at Risk projects out for bid. Click for project information.

Project Name (Number) Submission
Memorial Stadium - South End Zone (CP171001)
Bid Package #4
3.03 - Bird Control
3.06 - Overhead Doors
3.07 - Interior Glass
3.22 - Fencing
3.23 - Landscaping
3.24 - Synthetic Turf

Access to Documents: Proposal documents may also be obtained through iSqFt (an online service for storing and sharing bid documents for the construction industry). If you do not have access to iSqFt, send an email to and he will forward a link that will access the bidding documents. We will be sending out a mass invite to all of the trade partners currently on the bidders list via iSqFt, this would just be for trade partners not currently on our list.
Submission Deadline: SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by the Owner 07/10/2018 at: 1:30 PM in Campus Facilities, Planning, Design & Construction, Room L100 (Front Reception Desk), General Services Building, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 65211
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Recently Opened Bids

The following is a list of bid projects opened in the last 30 days. Awarded contracts will appear in the "Recently Awarded Contracts" section

Project Name (Project #) Date
2800 Maguire — Modify Room C23 for Modular Units (CP180642) 7/12/2018
Various Locations — Building Trades Blanket Contract (CP190011) 6/26/2018

Recently Awarded Contracts

The following is a list of recently awarded construction projects.

Project Name (Project #) Date
Contract Awarded To Amount Awarded
Missouri Orthopedic Institute — Spine Center (CP172761) 06/19/2018 ProProst Joint Venture $941,228.00
University Hall — Hydronic Boiler Conversion (CP181221) 05/25/2018 J LOUIS CRUM CORPORATION $455,358.00

Projects in Design

The following is a list of future construction projects.

Project Number, Title, and Scope
Est. Ad
Est. Bid
Women's and Children's Hospital - New Water Service Main – 3631001 (CP172631) We need to have and engineer design a new main water line feed into the hospital. Current water main is experiencing failures. Existing 6" water main has been abandoned in 2008 due to failure under the building structure. At that time the decision was made to back feed from the 8" fire main. this 8" line is now having failure issues and total failure will result in no water for the entire hospital. Base Estimate & Alternates: $430,777.16 07/17/2018 08/07/2018
MUHC - Dish Room Renovation – 3650361 (CP172721) Dishroom renovation - improve workflow, new equipment at University Hospital Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,010,000.00 07/18/2018
Women's and Children's Hospital - Fire Protection System Modifications – 4224481 (CP181401) The fire protection system at WCH has several areas requiring distribution or new coverage to comply with the inspection findings of a regulatory agency. The fire protection consulting engineer will analyze the areas noted, assess the system as a whole to confirm adequate supply, recommend isolation and test drain locations, and develop bidding documents for construction bidding. The consultant will also develop schematic level drawings for the full fire sprinkler system. Base Estimate & Alternates: $249,958.22 08/01/2018 08/23/2018
3916 S. Providence - Fit-Out Space for New Urgent Care – 4101327 (CP181071) Engage design firm to complete construction drawings for a new Urgent Care Facility Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,352,000.00 08/02/2018 08/23/2018
Hearnes - Chiller Replacement – 4129165 (CP181141) Replace 970 ton steam absorption chiller with 1000 ton electric chiller Base Estimate & Alternates: $2,700,000.00 08/07/2018 09/04/2018
University Physicians Medical Building - BAS Upgrades – 4204061 (CP171063) Upgrade the VAV boxes in UPMB from teh outdated pneumatic controls to Johnson Controls metasys. This is a continuation of the overall plan to get all building automation onto the Johnson network. Base Estimate & Alternates: $306,877.00 08/29/2018 09/20/2018
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Fire Alarm System Upgrade, Ground through 3rd floors – 4159521 (CP181191) Upgrade of Fire Alarm System for Ground through 3rd Floor. Floors 4 through 7 have been upgrade under previous projects, this will be the final phase of voice migration for the Teaching Hospital building. Updates Critical voice alarm notification. Base Estimate & Alternates: $695,000.00 10/04/2018
Memorial Student Union - Replace AHUs - South Tower and AP Green Chapel – 4115941 (CP181081) Replace four (4) AHUs in Memorial Union South Tower and (2) AHUs in A.P. Green Chapel. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,842,000.00 10/11/2018 11/29/2018
Medical Science Building - Research Vivarium Upgrade and Maintenance – 3979221 (CP180641) Med Sci Bldg - Upgrade & Maintenance of Research Vivarium (~20,900gsf incl expan of rooftop mech penthouse). Project will increase barrier by ~110%, provide (8) procedure spaces, & segregate entrances for barrier, conventional, step-down & service. Scope to also incl Backup Power Infrastructure component for entire Med Sci Bldg but only activate the Research Vivarium upon completion of this project. The location of the new generator will relocate the existing biohazard storage building currently located outside the southwest corner of Med Sci Bldg. Base Estimate & Alternates: $8,701,000.00 11/12/2018 12/18/2018
Sinclair School of Nursing - Renovation and Addition – 4221021 (CP181391) The MU Sinclair School of Nursing Building (SSON) is 65,615 GSF with an FCNI of 0.39, it no longer meets the needs of the nursing education program. The existing building was constructed in 1979 with a few minor renovations being completed. The facility has outdated technology and simulation labs along with crowded student areas hampering study and collaboration. This project will renovate the existing building and construct a small addition to the west. Base Estimate & Alternates: $13,000,000.00 06/27/2019

Disclosure: This list is intended for information purposes only. This is not a complete list, nor is the information provided guaranteed to be correct. Stated dates are subject to change.