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The following is a list of construction projects out for bid. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Prebid Meeting Date Bid Open Date
General Site — Primary Care Clinic North (CP190411) 9/12/2019
1:00 PM
Pre-bid Attendance 10/3/2019
1:30 PM

Design/Build Proposals

The following is a list of Design/Build projects. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Mandatory
None at this time

JOC (Job Order Contracting) Projects

The following is a list of projects being made available through Brown and Root.

Project Name (Number)

If you are interested in the project, please contact John Melton with Brown and Root at

Construction Manager at Risk

The following is a list of Construction Manager at Risk projects out for bid.

Project Name (Number) Submission
University of Missouri - Translational Precision Medicine Complex (Building Name NextGen Precision Health Institute) – Masonry Sept 13, 2019
University of Missouri - Translational Precision Medicine Complex (Building Name NextGen Precision Health Institute) – Structural Steel and Misc. Metals Sept 30th, 2019
University of Missouri - Translational Precision Medicine Complex (Building Name NextGen Precision Health Institute) – Fire Suppression Sept 30th, 2019
University of Missouri - Translational Precision Medicine Complex (Building Name NextGen Precision Health Institute) – Exterior Cold Formed Metal Framing Sept 30th, 2019

Recently Opened Bids

The following is a list of bid projects opened in the last 30 days. Awarded contracts will appear in the "Recently Awarded Contracts" section

Project Name (Project #) Date
Sinclair Nursing School Building — Interior Demolition (CP181392) 9/5/2019
Lafferre Hall — 3rd Floor - Lab & Clean Rm Shell Space Fitout (CP181761) 8/22/2019

Recently Awarded Contracts

The following is a list of recently awarded construction projects.

Project Name (Project #) Date
Contract Awarded To Amount Awarded
Various Locations — EM Facilities Structural Repairs (CP192091) 09/11/2019 Acme Constructors, Inc. $96,471.00
Lafferre Hall — 3rd Floor Lab & Clean Rm Shell Space Fitout (CP181761) 09/06/2019 K & S ASSOCIATES, INC. $4,026,000.00

Projects in Design

The following is a list of future construction projects.

Project Number, Title, and Scope
Est. Ad
Est. Bid
Critical Care Addition - Interventional Radiology Expansion – 3952148 (CP180491) Renovate suite C2053(approximately 4400 s.f.) to expand Interventional Radiology. The goal is the creation of 2 additional procedure rooms, along with associated support spaces(prep, recovery, soiled utility, etc) with a potential future expansion per the concept design developed by Clark Enersen in November 2018. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,633,033.00 09/18/2019 10/14/2019
Critical Care Addition - New Cath Lab – 4534002 (CP190671) Renovate areas of the 4th Floor CCA, near existing Cath Labs, into new Cath Lab, Supply Room and Break Area. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,704,193.00 09/18/2019 10/14/2019
AP Green Building - MUHC Laboratory Consolidation – 4503201 (CP190421) Renovate the AP Green Building to consolidate MUHC labs that currently exist in University Hospital - 2nd Floor, and Mizzou North - 3rd Floor, along with MUHC labs already existing in the Allton Building. Base Estimate & Alternates: $5,222,785.00 09/24/2019 10/22/2019
Women's & Children's Hospital - Berrywood Medical Center Building Renovations – 4946494 (CP192061) Renovated 8,150SF of upper level of building for multi-disciplinary clinic in addition to renovating 3,198SF Suite for administrative offices on the lower level of the same building. This will accommodate both Cosmopolitan International Diabetes and the Endrocrinology Center Clinic. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,699,529.21 10/08/2019 10/29/2019
NANO and Molecular Medicine - Fitout Shell Space, Rm 114A – 4552502 (CP190821) Renovate roughly 1,275 square feet of core/shell space identified as Room 114A within the Nano & Molecular Medicine building to accommodate the installation of an air pollution chamber system (APCS). Base Estimate & Alternates: $281,000.00 10/10/2019 10/24/2019
417 S. 5th - Replace 3 AHU's – 4348141 (CP181741) Replace 3 air handling units (AHU). Project should include design to replace three AHUs with implementation of construction to be spread out over three years, one AHU each year. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 10/14/2019
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Normal Power Upgrade – 4659803 (CP191241) Design replacement for transformers serving X?Ray A and B lineups and modify existing system to be 100% redundant. SD Phase will need to outline scope options and costs. Report will need to outline how much risk the hospital Is exposed to until work is completed. Code requirements will need to be evaluated as well. Base Estimate & Alternates: $3,303,757.00 10/17/2019 11/14/2019
Ellis Library - Renovate Rooms 23-25 Teaching for Learning Classroom – 5143641 (CP200371) Complete renovation of space vacated by a portion of the Missouri Historical Society. Creation of new all gender rest room, and kitchen/catering service facilities. Some furniture, technology and surveillance requirements. Base Estimate & Alternates: $240,000.00 11/05/2019 11/19/2019
Loeb Hall - Demolition – 4086621 (CP181011) Demolition planning in FY18 to confirm estimated costs and any needed utility relocation Base Estimate & Alternates: $900,000.00 11/14/2019 01/09/2020
Women's and Children's Hospital - Replace AHU-4 & 11 – 4534161 (CP190691) Replace Air Handler Units 4 and 11. All work must be phased and coordinated to occur in an operational facility so lengthy shut downs are not acceptable. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,275,000.00 11/20/2019 12/19/2019
Gas Turbine Building - Chilled Water Plant Addition – 4905567 (CP191921) Expand the existing GT Chiller Plant to the North and include two 2650 ton steam turbine driven centrifugal chillers, cooling towers and associated pumps and equipment. Base Estimate & Alternates: $19,823,204.00 11/26/2019 01/16/2020
2800 McGuire - Center for Excellence in FIrst Responder Education – 4028001 (CP180771) Rebuild the MU Extension publications warehouse into a training institute for first responders. The project will include the Law Enforcement Training Institute and the Fire Rescue Training Institute. The warehouse is going to an on demand model in 2018 and will be drastically downsized or completely outsourced. Base Estimate & Alternates: $3,581,515.22 12/06/2019 01/07/2020
Depository - Construct Phase 2 – 3847209 (CP180161) This project builds an 11,000 gross square foot (GSF) addition along the south side of the existing depository storage facility, enabling the library to expand the current depository capacity by 1.2 million volumes, for a total capacity of 2.6 million volumes. Base Estimate & Alternates: $5,100,000.00 01/02/2020
Fayette Clinic - HVAC Update – 4541382 (CP190761) Update of existing HVAC system. Includes replacing 5 existing split systems, all ductwork and and incorporating code minimum outside air. Project initially bid on 6/27/19 and came in well over budget. It is being re-designed and will be re-bid in an effort to get it within budget. Design changes include slight modifications to system types and allowing phased closing of the facility, sections at a time. Base Estimate & Alternates: $376,243.00 01/02/2020 01/30/2020
Missouri Psychiatric Center - Renovate "The Grille" – 4502981 (CP190401) (Study CP172701) Consultant to design and complete construction drawings to delivery modifications to The Grille as per associated study completed in FY18 Base Estimate & Alternates: $2,599,861.00 01/09/2020 02/06/2020
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Replace Roof – 5066821 (CP200011) Replace roof on Teaching Hospital Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 01/15/2020 02/11/2020
Sinclair School of Nursing - Renovation and Addition – 4221021 (CP181391) The MU Sinclair School of Nursing Building (SSON) is 65,615 GSF with an FCNI of 0.39, it no longer meets the needs of the nursing education program. The existing building was constructed in 1979 with a few minor renovations being completed. The facility has outdated technology and simulation labs along with crowded student areas hampering study and collaboration. This project will renovate the existing building and construct a small addition to the west. Base Estimate & Alternates: $20,193,003.00 01/30/2020
Various Locations - E&G Roofing Replacements – 5103399 (CP200221) Replace BUR-Pitch Roofs with EPDM Adhered roof systems. Botany,Vet Diagnostic Lab, Science Instrument, Vet Med West Penthouse , Dalton Lower Roof. Apply two coats of elastomeric coating to ASRC modified roofs 124,417 sq ft of roof surface. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 01/30/2020 03/12/2020
Sinclair Nursing School Building - Water Line Replacement – 5179721 (CP200511) Replace approximately 470' of aged 6" water line with a new 8" line. Base Estimate & Alternates: $96,000.00 01/30/2020 02/27/2020
Mizzou Sports Arena - Renovate Basketball Spaces – 5091930 (CP200131) ICA has initiated a project to improve both Men's and Women's locker rooms and sports medicine program at MIZZOU Arena, in time for the 2020-21 Basket Ball season. This will include a remodel of the existing press room, in order to relocate coaches locker rooms. The vacated coaches locker room space will allow for needed expansion for sports medicine. A new hydro therapy will need to be located above grade due to rock known to exist just under the floor slabs in this area. A new glass wall area and passage door, providing visual and physical connection between the practice gym and strength and conditioning area is also desired in this project. The goal of the overall project is to update and improve efficiencies for student athlete program areas at MIZZOU arena. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 03/10/2020 04/07/2020
Quarterdeck - HVAC Upgrade – 4602421 (CP191051) Replace HVAC system at Quarterdeck. Ductwork and VAV boxes need to be evaluated for replacement and/or modification. HVAC calculations for current and future expected occupant load will need to be performed as number of occupants is vastly different than original designed. Base Estimate & Alternates: $4,114,388.00 08/03/2020

Disclosure: This list is intended for information purposes only. This is not a complete list, nor is the information provided guaranteed to be correct. Stated dates are subject to change.