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The following is a list of construction projects out for bid. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Prebid Meeting Date Bid Open Date
Various Locations — Repair Concrete in Steam Manholes (CP220041) 1/25/2022
9:00 AM
10:30 AM

Design/Bid/Build Projects for Prequalified Health Care Contractors

Click here for a list of the General Contractors that have been prequalified for the following projects:

Project Name (Project#) Prebid Meeting Date Bid Open Date
Missouri Psychiatric Center — Renovate Restroom PC2120 (CP212341) 1/20/2022
2:00 PM
1:30 PM

Design/Build Proposals

The following is a list of Design/Build projects. Click for project information.

Project Name (Project#) Mandatory
None at this time

Construction Manager at Risk

The following is a list of Construction Manager at Risk projects out for bid.

Project Name (Project#) Prebid
Children's Hospital Facility - Bid Package #9 - Fitout (CP210042)
02/01/2022 @ 1:30pm
Room 194 - General Services Building
02/23/2022 @ 1:30pm
Children's Hospital Facility - MECHANICAL/PLUMBING Bid Package #1 - Building Management System & HVAC/Plumbing Insulation (CP210042)
TBD 02/14/2022 @ 1:30pm

Recently Opened Bids

The following is a list of bid projects opened in the last 30 days. Awarded contracts will appear in the "Recently Awarded Contracts" section

Project Name (Project #) Date
General Site — Replace Water Mains at Allton and Green Buildings (CP220061) 1/18/2022
Strickland Hall — Renovate Space for Counseling Center (CP219031) 1/11/2022
Various Locations — Roof Replacements (CP220471) 12/21/2021

Recently Awarded Contracts

The following is a list of recently awarded construction projects.

Project Name (Project #) Date
Contract Awarded To Amount Awarded
Various Locations — Roof Replacements (CP220471) 01/12/2022 WEATHERCRAFT, INC. $1,403,565.00
Lee Hills Hall — Renovate Spaces for Novak Leadership Institute (CP220031) 11/30/2021 SIRCAL CONTRACTING, INC. $246,800.00

Projects in Design

The following is a list of future construction projects.

Project Number, Title, and Scope
Est. Ad
Est. Bid
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Replace Air Handlers in Room 2E25 (CP211521) The scope of this project centers around the replacement of 2nd Floor Imaging AHUs S2-1 and S2-2 within Mech Rm 2E25. However, also within this room are AHUs S1-2 and S1-3, which are the same vintage and have been noted to be operating at partial load serving limited spaces on first floor. Removal of these units as part of this project may free up space to allow for a more appropriate final installation with future capacity/growth considerations. All units are past their useful life and in need of replacement. The replacement plan for this project will include replacing AHUs S1-2 and S1-3 as well. Funding is split between FY21($1.4M) & FY22($2.6M). Base Estimate & Alternates: $2,094,590.00 01/20/2022 02/24/2022
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Replace Steam PRV's in GE08 (CP220801) Replace 6 of the 18 existing steam Pressure Reducing Valves installed located in GE08. The scope detailed by MUHC is specifically for inaccessible PRVS(PRV-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15) which are located in the area between column 85/86. PRVs are original to building and cannot be serviced in current location. Base Estimate & Alternates: $215,390.00 01/25/2022 02/15/2022
Thompson Center Research & Training Bldg. - Upper Level Renovation (CP212421) Renovation of upper level of Thompson Center Research and Training bldg. Space will be used for clinical purposes. The project includes and Additive Alternate for minor modifications in the Thompson Center Clinic building. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,032,678.00 01/28/2022 02/23/2022
Hospital Lobby and Concourse - 1L01 Canopy Column Repairs (CP212151) Inspection and repairs of main lobby arch leg on west side along with inspection and repair of intermediary canopy support columns. 10/25 Replacement of deteriorated limestone cladding on intermediary columns. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 02/02/2022 02/09/2022
Missouri Psychiatric Center - Roof Replacement (CP211651) Full replacement of original roof. Evaluation of pricing received from multiple entities. To be replaced will be a modified built up roof with Garland roofing as the basis of design and includes a 40 year warranty. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,300,000.00 02/17/2022 03/08/2022
Various Locations - Replace Water Mains in 5th St & Life Science Center Tunnels (CP220071) Replace stainless steel water mains in the 5th Street and the Life Sciences steam tunnels with ductile iron. Base Estimate & Alternates: $296,261.48 02/18/2022 03/11/2022
Various Locations - Roof Repairs and Replacements (CP220831) Roof Repair and Replacement - Residential Life Base Estimate & Alternates: $440,677.00 02/22/2022 03/08/2022
Turner Avenue Parking Structure - Various Structure Repairs (CP212202) Parking Structure Repairs including the following: various partial depth repairs, stair tread repairs, topping repairs and guardrail repairs. Replace expansion joints and install new pedestrian membrane in stair towers. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 02/25/2022
Tiger Avenue Parking Structure - Various Structure Repairs (CP212203) Parking structure repairs including the following: Miscellaneous concrete repairs, waterproofing repairs and expansion joint repairs. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 02/25/2022 02/09/2022
Lefevre Hall - Ventilation Improvements Rooms 106-112 (CP221201) Improve Ventilation for classrooms 106 and 112 Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 03/07/2022 03/21/2022
Various Locations - Demo Buildings for Strategic Space Reduction (CP219051) Due to Strategic Space Reduction eleven buildings will be vacated by March 2022 and the University intends for on-site demolition starting after commencement 2022. The bidding package will be advertised in early Spring 2022 in order to prepare for the summer start. Buildings included are Loeb Hall, Neff Addition, Old Student Health, Noyes Hall, Parker Hall, London Hall, The Columbia Professional Building, Read Hall, Curtis Greenhouses (E&G facilities), and Manor House (Res Life facility). Approximate size, 225,000 gross Square feet. Base Estimate & Alternates: $10,220,838.00 03/17/2022 04/01/2022
Medical Science Building - Update Morgue Facility (CP220321) This project is to renovate a 2,600 square foot existing morgue space in the Medical Science Building to improve functionality and to meet the standards for N.A.M.E. compliance. The improvements include ventilation/air handling, new shower/locker room, air lock double doors at entrance, 5 additional 3-body coolers, and other modifications to enhance the use of the facility. Base Estimate & Alternates: $581,307.00 03/17/2022 04/12/2022
Medical Science Building - Improve Courtyard Storm Water Drainage and Landscape Design (CP212291) Improve the storm water drainage and Landscape Design within the footprint of the courtyard. Extend Storm sewer system and water proof the foundation wall as needed. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 03/18/2022 03/31/2022
WCH Engineering Building - Install Fire Sprinkler (CP211871) Design and install sprinklers in the WCH Engineering Building Base Estimate & Alternates: $182,000.00 03/31/2022 04/21/2022
General Site - East Campus Utility Improvements (CP211311) Replace 400ft of 24" Storm Sewer Piping, upgrade chilled water, steam, water and electric systems on east campus. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 04/29/2022 05/19/2022
Laboratory for Infectious Disease Research - G20 Improvements (CP220691) This PRF covers all G20-funded projects at the MU LIDR. Coordination and execution of numerous grant- funded renovations and modernization. These include exterior security improvements, laboratory renovations, and upgrades to HVAC controls. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,295,000.00 05/03/2022 05/31/2022
Telecommunications Center - Electrical & Cooling Support for First Floor Computing Install (CP220991) Consultation of electrical and cooling facilities necessary to support High Performance Computing equipment in the Telecommunications Building. Electrical and chilled water service are primarily impacted by this installation. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 05/11/2022 05/25/2022
Agriculture Science Building - Replace AH1, AH2 & AH3 (CP221221) Replace air handling units AH-1, AH-12, and AH-3 in the Agriculture Science Building. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 05/16/2022 05/30/2022
General Site - East Campus Air Cooled Chiller Plant (CP212232) Provide new air-cooled chillers adjacent to the East Campus Chiller Plant. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 05/17/2022 06/16/2022
General Site - Research Commons Thermal Plant (CP200001) Construct new thermal (steam) plant at Research Commons with a nominal steam capacity of 75,000 pounds per hour. Base Estimate & Alternates: $6,700,000.00 05/31/2022 06/30/2022
Mizzou North - Demolition (CP219078) Demolish Mizzou North, a 223,000 gsf building with more than 55M in facility needs (FCNI.65) Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 05/31/2022 06/28/2022
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - 1E-17 CT Replacement (CP220861) Design only to replace existing CT with least amount of modifications as possible. Project is associated with Siemens Roadmap ID003, Design only in FY22, construction planned for FY23. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 06/03/2022 06/30/2022
Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory Building - Construct New Building (CP211541) Construct a 34,200 square foot 2-story building addition to the east of the existing Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory Building. The addition will include veterinary research laboratory space including a Level 3 Biosafety Lab, Necroscopy, Bacteriology, Serology, and Toxicology. Base Estimate & Alternates: $20,017,108.00 06/22/2022 07/13/2022
MURR - Reactor Building - West Building Addition (CP211941) Construct a 43,000 GSF addition to the west side of MURR to house offices for staff currently located in trailers and 15,000 GSF of shell space for future fit out of hot cells and laboratories. Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 02/01/2023 03/01/2023
Neff Hall - Window Replacement (CP220931) !Replace Wood Windows with Custom Aluminum Windows Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 03/17/2023 04/21/2023

Disclosure: This list is intended for information purposes only. This is not a complete list, nor is the information provided guaranteed to be correct. Stated dates are subject to change.

Design/Bid/Build Projects for Prequalified Health Care Contractors in Design

The following is a list of future construction projects.

Project Number, Title, and Scope
Est. Ad
Est. Bid
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - Renovate 2W Dialysis Unit (CP210702) Renovate part of 2W for new Dialysis Unit. Base Estimate & Alternates: $1,178,793.00 02/02/2022 03/03/2022
University of Missouri Teaching Hospital - 2E-43 Fluoroscopy Replacement (CP221351) Design and construction required to replace existing Fluoroscopy unit. Siemens Roadmap ID 032 Base Estimate & Alternates: $137,500.00 02/03/2022 03/03/2022
Patient Care Tower - T1251 Linear Accelerator Replacement (CP212451) T1251 - Linear Accelerator Replacement Base Estimate & Alternates: $400,000.00 03/10/2022 04/12/2022

Disclosure: This list is intended for information purposes only. This is not a complete list, nor is the information provided guaranteed to be correct. Stated dates are subject to change.

MCA (Master Construction Agreement) Projects in Design

The following is a list of projects being made available through Nabholz. If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact Mitchell Fuemmeler with Nabholz at

Project Number, Title, and Scope
Est. Ad
Fisher Delta Research Center - Greenhouse Improvements (CP210951) Improvements to an existing greenhouse facility at the Delta Center located in Portageville, MO. Modifications include replacement of fans, heaters, controls, glazing, shades and lighting within the four greenhouse modules. Base Estimate & Alternates: $700,154.00 12/21/2021
Naka Hall - Relocate Naval ROTC from Crowder (CP219076) Relocate Naval ROTC from Crowder Hall to Naka Hall. Project Scope includes the renovation of Naka rooms 28-32 to accommodate ROTC. Scope of work to include reopening of existing exterior south door pair for access to the lower floor. Approximate square footage: 6,050 Base Estimate & Alternates: $85,000.00 01/18/2022
Football Practice Fields - Install Field Lights (CP220791) Install field lights at the football practice fields behind MATC. Base Estimate & Alternates: $755,000.00 01/25/2022
KOMU-TV - Chiller Replacement (CP220081) Replace 100 ton Carrier chiller serving KOMU-TV building operations. Explore improved redundancy arrangements for the chillers and communication options with MU system. Base Estimate & Alternates: $40,000.00 01/26/2022
General Site - Cover Pipeline at Andrew Cty Parcel (CP220481) University of Missouri owns farm land in Cosby, MO with a petroleum pipeline easement running through the parcel. The Pipeline has notified us that due to erosion, the pipeline that crosses this parcel is "shallow" meaning the pipeline has a depth of soil cover less than 24". Need to obtain bids to hire a contractor to bring in more soil to increase soil depth to a minimum of 36". Base Estimate & Alternates: TBD 01/26/2022
Wentzville Veterinary Health Center - Create Additional Exam Rooms (CP220721) Divide 2 large exam to 4 small exam - Flooring and door Building #16388 Base Estimate & Alternates: $96,125.00 02/03/2022
Hospital Lobby and Concourse - Lobby Skylights Replacement (CP212141) Replacement of existing lobby skylights Base Estimate & Alternates: $447,554.00 02/09/2022
Horticulture Farm - Agroforestry Education & Research Center - New Building Shell (CP221551) 4,920 square foot wood-framed building shell for the future build-out of interior conference and office space. The project includes alternate bids for the interior build-out. Base Estimate & Alternates: $535,000.00 02/24/2022
Veterinary Medicine West Building - Exterior Improvements (CP211393) Install metal panels over an existing brick wall above the roof of the Veterinary Medicine West Building Base Estimate & Alternates: $114,000.00 02/28/2022
Memorial Student Union - Renovate Restrooms S111 & S113 (CP201431) Remodel Memorial Union South 1st floor Men's S 113 and Women's restroom S111. The work is anticipated to include the removal of all existing finishes, wall surfaces, finish materials, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and related components. The anticipated new work includes flooring, wall tile, ceilings, lighting/controls /power, plumbing fixtures, and accessories. Base Estimate & Alternates: $160,500.00 03/01/2022