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1. All mail received at the Campus Mail Service Facility must be bundled according to the guidelines set forth on the following pages.
2. Large volume mailers should contact the Campus Mail Service Facility (882-6529) for special instructions.
3. A return address is mandatory to ensure proper handling in address correction.
4. Letter size mail that has been sealed with metal staples will NOT be metered or sorted but returned to sender.
5. Letter size self-mailer articles that are sealed with transparent tape will NOT be accepted.
6. Change of address --Notify Campus Mail Service in writing of any change of address of a department or a section of a department.
7. Forwarding Mail --Campus Mail Service does not intercept incoming U.S. Mail for forwarding. Mail will be delivered to the department, which should determine whether the material needs to be forwarded to the individual or retained by the department.
8. Use of Campus Mail for PERSONALbusiness is prohibited.
9. Mailing PERSONALU.S. Mail with postage purchased from University funds is prohibited.
10. Bulk Rate & Non-Profit Mailings are to be picked up by Bulk Mail Center (882- 5960).
11. If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and need this publication in an alternative format, notify us at the telephone number listed below. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs. Patsy Higgins, University of Missouri-Columbia, 311 Jesse Hall, Columbia, Mo. 65211 (573) 882-7254.

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