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Mail Piece Design  
A.  General Requirements for All Pieces
          1.  Height and length dimensions are determined by how
               address & indicia read.
          2.  The mailing panel is the area containing the mailing
               address, indicia, return address and postal
          3.  Indicia must be in upper right corner of the mailing         
          4.  Indicia must identify whether your mailing is
               going Commercial Bulk or Non Profit Bulk (see pg 3).
          5.  Endorsements (see pg 11 & 12) must be located
               directly under the return address with 1/4" clear
               space above and below the endorsement.
               Endorsements must be in 1/8" high letters.
          6.  Return address must identify the permit holder.                 
               For example NONPROFIT would be:

University of Missouri -Columbia Bulk Mail Center 2800 Maguire Blvd. Columbia MO 65211
NOTE: You can have a person's name in the return address;  however, the mailing is then COMMERCIAL BULK RATE,  which costs more to mail.  For example COMMERCIAL BULK RATE would be:
Ron Feilner University of Missouri -Columbia Bulk Mail Center 2800 Maguire Blvd. Columbia MO 65211
7. If possible, leave the mailing panel unpainted and   unvarnished so that the label will stay attached   to the material. 8. NO STAPLES (staples ruin machines and human  hands when processing mail). The materials may   be tabbed or saddle stitched. 9. NO SCOTCH TAPE.
B. Letters 1. Minimum size: 5" long x 3.5" high; a minimum   thickness of .007" and a maximum thickness of .25" 2 Maximum size: 11.5" long x 6.125" high; a  minimum thickness of .007" and a maximum thickness   of .25" 3. With height to length ratio between 1 to 1.3 and 1  to 2.5
C. Flats 1. Length: minimum 6" and maximum 15" 2. Height: minimum 6" and maximum 12" 3. Thickness: minimum .009" and maximum .75"

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