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Labels, Tabbing, Date Job Must Be Mailed

Several different types of labels are described below:

1. PEELOFF (AVERY or LAZER) -have to be hand applied

2. Customer labele
A. Keep labels going in zip code order.
B. Keep all material facing same direction.
C. Number containers or label with zip code sequence
on each container.

1. Pieces that can be automated, will be automatically
    tabbed with the Tabber machine.
2. Nonautomated pieces will only be tabbed upon request.
3. No staples or scotch tape on self-mailers.
4. If you want to apply the tabs, they can be purchased
at Campus Mail, 310 Watson Place, 882-6522.


A. Allow three working days from the time Bulk Mail receives
    the last of all the material until it reaches the Post
    Office or Campus Mail.

    NOTE  For large jobs (10,000+), call ahead and schedule
    your job with Bulk Mail.

B. If no date is indicated, the job will be processed on a
    first come, first serve basis.

C. If you want it mailed on a specific date, Bulk Mail
     will process it and hold it until that date arrives.

D. MAIL SURPLUS TO -furnish complete address (Department,
    Building, and room number) for left over material or
    unmailable pieces to be returned. If no address is
    provided, the SURPLUS WILL BE RECYCLED.

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