Temporary Food Permits

If you or your organization will be serving food, even if catered, you will need a Temporary Food Service Operating Permit. Please be aware the permits are only intended for "temporary" food service for a few hours on one specific date. If you intend to establish a more permanent daily food service you must speak with the MU Sanitarian at 882-7018.

Obtaining a Temporary Food Service Operating Permit

You must read the Temporary Food Permit Guidelines before you complete the form and attest that you will assure the guidelines are followed for your event. After you have read the guidelines and completed all fields below, you may press the "Submit" button to send the information to the MU Sanitarian. The system will generate the Temporary Food Service Operating Permit which must be printed and posted near the food distribution location at your event. If you have specific questions concerning your event, the Temporary Food Permits Guidelines, or the Temporary Food Service Operating Permit, please contact the MU Sanitarian at 882-7018. Be sure, when completing the temporary food permit fields below, to indicate only times that food will be served. For example: The event room is reserved from 11:00AM to 10:00PM--but food will only be served from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. You should only indicate 5:00PM to 7:00PM in the temporary food permit request.

NOTE: If you are grilling food, you will also need an Open Flame Permit.

NOTE: If your event includes alcoholic beverages, you must also complete a Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property.

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Event Date:
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I have read the Temporary Food Permit Guidelines and will abide by all items documented there: Yes Haven't read it yet

Will your event be held at Memorial Union or the Student Center? Yes No

First: list the total number of expected attendees including persons working the event. Second: list all items to be served (including drinks) and whether or not food/drink items are individually packaged. Third: explain why this event is being held in person.

A copy of this permit is maintained by the MU Sanitarian. The MU Sanitarian uses this information to complete periodic inspections of temporary food service events.